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Totally Surreal!!!!!

Name: Erin... aka Rin
Age: 14
Location: chillicothe, ohio, usa

Well, what can I say? I am Rin nothing more nothing less. I am really into art. All kinds of art you name it, photography, writing, theater, the works. I have some issues with trusting people 100% becuase I have had lots of dishonest friends, who have hurt me in the end. I am closer with my Online friends than I am with my real life friends. I am obsessed with cheese. I have met Will from SoCo, and he signed my Chucks. I love music. Something Corporate, Mae, Matchbook Romance, Brand New, Bright Eyes The Postal Service, Yellowcard, Etc. Are my favorite bands. I am learning to play the drums. I am in love with my Ex, but he doesn't seem to notice me anymore. I am a very complex person, There is so much more to me than anything I can write in this Bio. Thanks, This community sounds awesome. And. The moderator, is my SQUISHY!♥

Pics of Rin

P.s Sorry about my little mess up last time. Hopefully I can do it write this time.
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